Hi Wes. Keenan, Ralph and I would like to thank you once again for securing the best mortgage for us and for doing it as quickly as you did! Your experience was invaluable. We were really under a time constraint and you were able to make everything happen right on time. We appreciate that you even met with us on a Sunday and spent as much time with us as we needed. Everything was well communicated to us, Keenan, lawyers, and banks. You came highly recommended to us and we can certainly see why that is!

Thanks again,
The Guenzel family.

Hi Wes!
Long time no talk!
Just wanted to let you know that Mike and I made it official with Scotiabank today!  We signed the new mortgage this afternoon so everything should fall into place.
Thank you so much.  Thank you for your patience with me and putting up with countless emails and questions.  Not easy to do a province apart but I am so happy with how it turned out!  You went above and beyond for us and I truly appreciate your efforts and time.
And thank you for the birthday wishes!
Take care!


As a first time homebuyer I was unfamiliar with process of buying a home and had thousands questions,Wes didn’t only answer those questions but also made me feel I made the right decision in choosing him as my mortgage broker,his high level of professionalism, honesty and knowledge made buying house a very uncomplicated,

I found the best rate and most honest service, I will definitely his company to everyone and I am sure we will be working together in future. Thanks Wes!

To Whom It May Concern;


My family has had the pleasure of using Dominion Lending Centres – Powerhouse Mortgages several times in the past few years, specifically working with Wes Kosteroski.

It is our pleasure to write a testimonial for everything they have done for us.


It can be very difficult for young people starting out in today’s economy, to save for a down payment on their first home, find an affordable home, and then actually be able to qualify to purchase that home.  We have three children, who received our support, advice and guidance to reach their goal of buying their first homes, however, I don’t feel that any of it would have been possible without the help, knowledge and work done by Wes Kosteroski to make this happen.  Wes welcomed us into his home office many times on days and times that were convenient for us and our children, kept us informed and up to date on progress through phone calls, emails and meetings, and stopped at nothing to make everything work out – and it did – three times over!


Our oldest son and his wife were able to get their first home in late 2011 by using Powerhouse.  With some debt still owing, and not quite enough of a down payment, Wes spent a considerable amount of time with us and the sellers of the home they wanted, to figure out a way to make it work – time that I don’t believe any bank would have taken to make this young couple’s dream come true.  Through the negotiations and calculations done by Wes to have part of the down payment done in the form of a “gift” from the sellers, and using the first time home buyers plan RRSP withdrawal to pay out existing debt, they were able to settle into their home in time to welcome their first child into the world in early 2012!  They are still in that home and ready to welcome their second child.


Out middle daughter and her then-partner, were able to move into their first home in late 2012 by using Powerhouse.  Having learned from our first experience with Wes, this next time went much smoother for both our daughter and for Wes, but Wes still put in all of the time to get them the best mortgage for their situation and a good start for our daughter’s first child who came along in early 2013.  As it turned out, Wes was once again there for advice and to help out our daughter, on his own time and with no benefit to him, when she then needed to buy out the home from her ex-partner in early 2014.  Everything worked out perfectly, even though the services of Powerhouse were not needed, but Wes was there as a support person and to offer his knowledge and time.  Our daughter and her son are happily still in that home as well.


Our youngest daughter and her fiancé were able to move into their first home in late 2013, also by using Powerhouse.  Again, they were organized, had a down payment and a house picked out, but with some debt load, needed some help in securing an affordable mortgage for their situation.  Wes once again stepped up, offered his professional as well as personal advice, and was able to get them into a mortgage that worked for them, and they were able to move into their house and begin making it their own home.  They too, are still in that home and making plans for the future.


Although it may all sound simple enough, and although it is Wes’ job to secure mortgages for his clients, we all feel that Wes went above and beyond for our family on more than one occasion to help our children to achieve one of life’s biggest goals – to own a home.  On a business level, as well as a personal level, Wes goes out of his way to do everything possible to help his clients and make it a great experience for everyone.  He is accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, uses all the resources within his company that is needed to get the job done.  We would not hesitate to use Wes and Powerhouse in the future and recommend him any time that we can.




morning Wes, i just thought i would pass on a big thank you! i cant express how much it means to me for the job you have done for me in acquiring my new mortage, i honestly thought it would be impossible, and you admitted it would be extreamly challenging under the circumstances of my currant credit rateing, and evertime you faced another barricade in acquiring a mortage, i was ready to just give in, but for some reason you allways spoke to me with the confidence that you would make it work as you went the extra 10 miles on more the one occasion, your an awsome person with all the integrity in the world !     thank you so much Wes !  Rob










I would like to thank you, Wes Kosteroski for all the help you have done for us.  As a young couple and first time home buyers, we didn’t really know what’s ahead of us. We never believed that we will end up buying a house and so quickly with all your help. Lots of people are asking us how it feels to be homeowners, and we have one answer: AMAZING. Without Wes we would never have this feeling. Being a home owner definitely changed our lives. Thank you Wes for being there throughout the whole process even when you are on vacation and getting it done very quickly less than a month!

Christina K and Devon H.


Thank you Wes . Your professional knowledgeable service was great. This is the second time I have used your service and ,as always, it proved to be a great decision. I feel I have the best possible rates and that your personal touch to compliment the service made me feel so comfortable in my decision. You are what Mortgage Brokers should be, confident, knowledgeable and down to earth, the most important thing is your client’s needs. I would recommend you to anyone
Thanks Again
Murray Walton


Wes went above and beyond what I expected, to meet with me, discuss what was best for me and there was no rushing me through the process.  Even while on holidays out of country he was working for me to get my paperwork to me and keep the process moving along.  There was no strict Mon – Fri, 9-5 regime.  He worked weekends and evenings.  I would highly recommend Wes and his company to handle your net mortgage.



I am self employed and Wes was able to successfully help me with several mortgages. He’s the best!

Rosanne Wood


Thank you Wes for helping to make the purchase of our new home as seamless and pleasurable as possible. You came highly recommend and now having had the pleasure of seeing you work to get us the right mortgage I see why. I will recommend you and your team to all family and friends for their mortgage needs.


Keep up the great work.   Dustin Z


Wes kosteroski has been my “go to mortgage guy” for about 5 years.  One of my Phillipino clients introduced me to Wes as her mortgage broker and through Eloisa’s purchase, I came to know Wes.

We have built a relationship of trust and that has come with Wes providing my clients and myself with unquestioned counsel and advice.  He has always put the client’s best interest first.  When I need to refer a client for financing, Wes is Top of Mind.  Thank you Wes for your support and referrals.

Sylvia Sanderson, Broker/Owner    Realty Executives Southern Sask


“I would recommend Wes to anyone. We have dealt with two mortgages recently and everything has been smooth. He answers whatever questions we have had and can meet with us at any time.  He has also helped us out with other things besides our mortgages. Thumbs up!”

Marshall Geiger


I as a senior who has been retired for several years found myself needing a mortgage after deciding to finally move into a condo. I did not think that based on my finances or being a senior citizen that I would qualify for a mortgage. But finding Wes made all the difference in my life. He bent over backwards for me to be able to make the move I so wanted to do. Without him this would never have happened. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the work he did for me. I have also recommended him to some other seniors who were also in need of his help.

Adeline K.


As a first time homebuyer I was unfamiliar with process of buying a home and had thousands questions,Wes didn’t only answer those questions but also made me feel I made the right decision in choosing him as my mortgage broker,his high level of professionalism, honesty and knowledge made buying house a very uncomplicated,

I found the best rate and most honest service, I will definitely his company to everyone and I am sure we will be working together in future. Thanks Wes!

S Grewal


Buying my first home was terrifying. Wes helped me through every step of the way. He made everything easy and broke things down for me to understand. He came to my work and waited for my coffee breaks so that I never had to go to him, he came to me to make things as easy as possible. He’s friendly, kind, patient, and efficient. Thanks Wes!

Tara M.


Buying a house is one of the biggest investments a person will make in their life and looking for a mortgage can be a daunting experience.  Although this was not my first mortgage, a significant amount of time had passed since I had obtained my last mortgage, and my recollection of the specific steps involved in securing a mortgage and purchasing a house was vague.  I was in need of someone I could trust who would go through the complexities of this process with me.   I was fortunate when my brother-in-law highly recommended Mortgage Broker Wes Kosteroski from Dominion Lending Centers- Team Kehler.  I had a number of questions for Wes and I knew after my first meeting with him, I was working with a personable and professional broker, who was both knowledgeable and trustworthy.  My future meetings with Wes further affirmed these qualities.  Wes clearly explained the mortgage process and answered all of my questions.  He consistently provided me with all of the pertinent information so I knew what to expect, which contributed to it being a stress free experience for me.  I was pleased with his regular updates and his prompt responses to my e-mails. He also gave valuable advice to ensure I was making informed choices/ decisions.  His expertise was evident and he proved to be reliable, honest, and committed to providing me with a competitive rate.  Not only did I receive an excellent rate, Wes’ service was exceptional. He is an incredible mortgage broker and along with my brother-in-law, I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage!
-Robin Brockett


I cannot even begin to express how much Wes Kosteroski assisted and supported me in buying my new home. After almost two years looking for a house in Regina, I finally found one. I had waited patiently for just the right home to arrive on the market and when it did Wes made sure I was ready to move on it. It is without reservation that I write the following about my experience with Wes Kosteroski from Dominion Lending Centers- Team Kehler.
Wes is an extremely personable and unique broker. Right from the beginning of my journey Wes was there. Being a little nervous about the purchase of my first home, Wes made sure all bases were covered and he was always there to answer any questions I had. I appreciated his sense of humor and warm demeanor. Not only did Wes answer my questions about basic mortgage rates, but he also went above and beyond the call of duty helping me learn about mortgages, market value, rental assessments, banking and many other things that helped make me confident about buying my home. I appreciated very much that he was always available and prompt in responding to even the oddest of questions. After all, being a rookie at this I had many questions.
His knowledge stemmed beyond just the mortgage world and that made me feel I was working with someone trustworthy and reliable. He helped make the entire experience stress free and I could not have done this without him. There is no doubt in my mind that if I were buying another home, I would call Wes. Thanks so much Wes for making this experience an enjoyable one and I have no reservations about recommending you to my family and friends who are looking for a broker.
Kim Sadowsky


Dear Wes,

I would like to express my heartfelt “THANK YOU”for all the patience,time and excellent service you did for us.You have walked an extra mile to make this dream come true for me and my family.We truly appreciate your excellent service,you’re such a clever ,hardworking man.I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family who would need assistance like what you’ve provided us.MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!


Sincerely yours,

Eloisa A.Tabije


Hello Wes

Tomorrow will start the second month of a new year. I am enjoying it, thanks to your help in helping me move into a condo so in my “old age” I can have some peace and quiet. I did not see how I could do it and I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into finding a solution which was affordable and which I was comfortable with. Thank you so much. And Happy New Year- a little belated.



My wife and I had gone to a mortgage broker when we first purchased our home. In fact, the broker was a personal friend of mine so we thought he would be the man for the job. We found out in the middle of the process that he in fact wasn’t. I ended up having to make numerous phone calls to the financial institution to find out what paperwork they were missing and I ended up handling most of the details myself because our broker was nowhere to be found just when we needed him most. In fact, there were times where we thought we were going to lose the home we had fallen in love with because we weren’t sure we were going to have a mortgage to pay for it. Needless to say, we were extremely reluctant to try another mortgage broker after an experience like that.

Our mortgage was coming up for renewal and we wanted to refinance so we could continue with some renovations. I knew Wes from when we had worked together and I knew he was working as a mortgage broker so after some discussion we decided to give him a try. One last shot for mortgage brokers before we just dealt with the bank directly. I am so grateful we did. He was patient, knowledgeable, professional, and available for all sorts of questions. He provided solutions and practical advice for us that made the whole process seem easy. He sat down with us, explained everything and made sure we understood how everything worked and of course got us a FANTASTIC rate which will save us thousands. In fact, we had friends apply for a mortgage at the same time through their father (a bank manager) and we ended up with a better rate from the same bank!

After meeting with Wes and signing the papers I wasted a lot of time wondering what hurdles I would have to overcome and what hoops I would have to jump through to finalize this deal. My last experience had taught me to be prepared for difficulties before everything was said and done. Well, it was definitely time wasted because everything fell into place perfectly, exactly how Wes said it would. There wasn’t even so much as a hiccup. I couldn’t believe it. At that point we started telling friends and family about our experience and decided to write this testimonial so that other skeptics might take a chance on Wes.

He did everything he said he would do, was available when we needed him, truly appreciated our business, and went above and beyond. He was able to make what most would consider a difficult, stressful process, seem easy and painless.

Working with Wes is the right decision.

Christopher and Sabrina



As a first-time home  buyer who encountered obstacles through my local bank, I am thankful that I utilized Wes’ expertise to obtain an approved mortgage with a very competitive interest rate.  Wes was more thorough and diligent while acting on my behalf, with regular communication, updates, and most importantly – a quick, easy, and efficient approval through the telephone and online.  I highly recommend Wes Kosteroski for your mortgage needs! I wouldn’t be a home owner without him.

Chris K


I would like to thank you for assistance in arranging a mortgage on my behalf.

After being in Canada for just 12 months caused a few initial problems but your determination and reassurance throughout this mortgage process has been a great comfort.

I really appreciate the fact that while I was stuck with out dated paperwork at the Canadian border while trying to renew my work permit, you were on call and able to email me the relevant paperwork so the matter was resolved quickly with any further hold up.

In future if any one asks about getting a mortgage in Canada I would not hesitate to put your name forward.

Kindest Regards,

Mansel Tucker

I had very little knowledge when it came to mortgages and home purchasing. Trent helped my wife and I on so many aspects that weren’t just related to our mortgage which I might add he found us a great rate which we are very happy with. With what can be a stressful experience Trent was available for any questions or concerns and I would highly recommend him if you’re a first time home buyer or looking to refinance. Trent will take care of ya and get the job done! Mike


We turned to Wes after being given shady business directly through the bank. My husband would leave to sign paper work and come home with an array of additional products tacked onto his credit that he didn’t need or what. We had extra credit cards, lines of credit, overdraft, you name it, opened without proper consent or information.  Wes streamlined the mortgage process and not only conquered what seemed impossible to the bank, but did so with ease. We have turned to Wes for all of our mortgage needs since and he has continued to deliver each time we needed his assistance. Last year when we decided to put an addition on our house, Wes made the refinancing process a breeze. Thanks to Wes we can trust in the borrowing process and know that we are more than a number to him. Thanks again for everything, without your help our home dreams could not have come true.